Established in 1992 under Manukau City Council, Te Ora O Manukau is a network that began as an integrated, intersectoral forum in response to the then Manukau City Council’s Healthy Cities initiative driven by commitment and aspirations of Mana Whenua and key Maori organisations and individuals.    In 2010 during the ‘super city’ reforms, Te Ora O Manukau became a registered Incorporated Society.  Over the years, following the changes to Auckland Council and changes to the sector, Te Ora O Manukau struggled to remain relevant.   However, over the last 12 months Te Ora O Manukau has reviewed its purpose and direction and is excited to take the orginal kaupapa and give it new life.

In 2016,  we looked to  grow and strengthen our network and implement our purpose and direction in the current environment.    We provided our members with a means to explore opportunities, work collaboratively with member and with key partners to positively contribute to better outcomes for Maori and all communities within South Auckland.  With vast experience, reach and knowledge of our members it provides insight and understanding about maaori communities and all communities within a kaupapa maaori framework.  Our commitment to whanau requires to work collectively to strategically influence all opportunities building into the future Ahakoa, te rere o e tai, kanoho tapa tahi tonu te whanau.

In 2019 we were successful in the historic number of submissions made to both the Water and Climate Change Strategy to Auckland Council.   This was achieved through a series of wananga connecting whaanau and organisations to mātauranga shared by Matua Rereata, Rikki Solomon and Tuhi Stationery with a number of events by Te Kaha O Te Rangatahi.   With over 250 whaanau attending wananga and over 600 submissions made across a number of kaupapa we are gearing up with new changes for 2020.

Updated Jan 2020



Knowing that everything is connected we take a "whakapapa centred" approach to our mahi

Whakawhanaungatanga  Relationships with whānau and the communities we live, play and work in

Maatauranga Sharing knowledge of our atua/tupuna and the role of kaitiakitanga as māori communities in context of whakapapa

Hononga Connecting our knowledge to our modern-day as urban Maaori, everything is connected

Mahia Taking deliberate action based on our journey in our responsibility as kaitiaki supporting Mana Whenua

Updated Jan 2020


The current members are Anaru Ah Kew (Chair), Mihi Tibble, Rangi Mclean, Natasha Kemp, Whaea Denise Takinui, Te Ao Tanaki,  and Eli Marino 

Updated Jan 2020